Website or Blog – Why Your Choice Matters Now

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Website or Blog – is often the battle between informing and sharing. It’s also about formal vs informal. And formostly, it’s about static vs dynamic.

Nobody wants to see their own website as a formal and static imago of products and people, that is rarely updated. No, we want to see it as our cutting-edge digital designer business card. But where is your customer in that equation?

Website or Blog - the Differences

If you want to get closer to your clients get a blog

  • A blog is about sharing information and knowledge. 
  • The content is dynamic and often updated.
  • Design doesn’t matter much.
  • It’s mostly informal.
  • It has great potential for interactivity.
  • And, most important – it’s about your customers needs.
  • A website is static.
  • Its appearance is formal.
  • Design is key.
  • The focus is on products and services.
  • There is no exchange.
  • Communication is one-directional. 

Want to build a formal imago of your company, stick to the website

Website or Blog - or both?

Need a bit of both - get a combination

  • Keep your exclusive design – but mix it up with a blog.
  • Keep your focus on your products – but share tips, tricks and know-how informally.
  • Make your information bi-directional – open a door for the client.
  • Open up for interactivity and get to know your customers.
  • Most web hosts offer WordPress hosting.
  • You can connect an external blog to your existing website.
  • Most CMS providers like Wix, Webly, Squarespace, Magnolia, etc. have excellent blog feature included.
  • It should be fairly easy to get started.
  • The challenge is to keep a blog alive and running. 

How do you get a combined website and blog?

What should you write about in the blog?

Website or blog that is the question
  • Write about the things your clients want to know.
  • Check online portals for feedback and offer tips and solutions to those open questions.
  • Find interesting but poorly written articles and rewrite them.
  • Tell your client all the secrets that he would find out anyway.
  • Analyse on social media what’s going on around your product categories.
  • Maintain a list of topics. After a while, ideas for posts will naturally come.
  • Every bit of content that brings you closer to your clients is an investment in your own future.
  • Spend less money on design and more on content.
  • The focus must be on the client’s needs – because he is the only one who can reward you for it.
  • The are two things that are more expensive than a blog:
    1) A website that doesn’t generate business.
    2) Not knowing what your customers really, really wants.
  • A blog will fix those two issues!

A blog is too expensive for you?

Blogging is expensive

Interesting tips and quotes about blogs

  • “Co-host blog content with other authors to get more organic traffic.” (Neil Patel)
  • Tips from 16 Blogging Experts. (Belle Beth Cooper)
  • “A blog is a promise in the minds of most readers.” (Daniel Burstein)
  • “Finish your blog post with some kind of call to action.” (Nate Kontny).
  • “Consistency is one of the most important things that bloggers tend to forget.” (Neil Patel)
  • “Go all in or go home. Half-hearted blogging is a waste of time.”(Daniel Burstein)
  • “Niche down your content focus as much as possible. The more specific the better.”(BloggingTips)

Website or Blog - The conclusion

  • A blog is about the needs of the client.
  • It’s about sharing and connecting.
  • A blog is a lot of work and responsibility.
  • It’s an investment in valuable content.
  • Everybody has a website – but what they need is a blog.

Does the difference matter to you?

Focus on your client's needs.
She is the only one
who can reward you.

85 / 100