The 10 Most Common SEO Mistakes Causing Poor Traffic

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The most common SEO mistakes are simple to fix. Perfect SEO at the click of a button is not a reality yet. Find out how to avoid the most common problems.

My personal journey through the jungles of SEO is pretty much what we see happening in the market right now.

Avoid the most common SEO mistakes!

SEO mistakes leading to poor traffic

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SEO Mistake 1) Prioritizing Design

First class design – but no traffic

That might be the result – if you did not care about simple SEO benchmarks so far.

TIP: Define a SEOBILITY score of 85 or higher as a benchmark. That will simplify all other strategic work that needs to be done later.

SEO Mistake 2) Overdoing Keywords

Once you understand their importance – you will overdo them

Repeating them annoyingly often, putting them everywhere. Your web-content starts looking like machine language. Readers click away very fast, and your Google rating plummets.

TIP: Reduce to 3-5 keywords per page – repeat them maximum 5 times each. Use landing pages properly.

SEO Mistake 3) Basic Technical SEO Errors

Classy website – but never seen a SEO Audit

People do most things right, but they don’t double check the actual SEO performance.

TIP: Check your SEOBILITY or YOAST score. It should be over 85.

SEO Mistake 4) Old Content

Putting out old content that nobody needs

Google ranks your content depending on age, originality, readability, frequency of renewal and how often it was shared and posted by others.

TIP: Renew parts of your content weekly. Cut out the buzzwords and the bla-bla on your website!

SEO Mistake 5) Neglecting Valuable Content

The only reason you use Google – is to get information – not bla-bla. Valuable content is the living proof of your competence – an investment in your own company. Deliver emotional content or try some crisp and well-presented content. Keep it short.

TIP: Our society is about sharing information. Your job is to help others to integrate that information professionally. That’s what you will get paid for.

SEO Mistake 6) Lack of Landing Pages

A landing page must be a magnet for ONE product only

It’s tailored to attract and engage the right audience for one specific product or service. It will have its own set of keywords. It may even have another style of language depending on the specific target group.

Forwarding your web traffic to a poorly optimized, generic and static page will only waste your time and money. On the other side, can a good landing page be your digital lifesaver.

TIP: Design a functional landing page for one product. Design a perfect call-to-action. Learn how to track its conversion rate.

SEO Mistake 7) Ranking Too Short Keywords

Low volume websites and short keyword combinations are a bad match

Keywords with up to 3 words are considered SHORT. They are called Short Tail Keywords.

    • “organic farming” (very short)
    • “old red farmhouse” (short)
    • “red beans farmer soup” (long)

Neil Patel is considered to be a miracle, because he ranked No. 1 on Google with a short keyword in 2019. However, before he spent years and millions, and now he helps others to rank better:)

TIP: Find efficient keywords and integrate them properly. Use semrush to check what your competition is ranking for.

SEO Mistake 8) Pushing Social Media Early

People must be quite impressed before sharing content online

That means, if your postings on social media don’t get shared – you better learn more about writing more emotional content. You may also want to learn more about creating interaction with your reader.

TIP: Practice diligently and you will soon see results.

SEO Mistake 9) No Long Term SEO Strategy

Even moderate results – require a strategy

SEO is not done with a click of a button. Check out where you are missing out – and improve. Plan for 6-12 months of gradual development.

TIP: Consider your website a living organism – needing continuous nurturing.

SEO Mistake 10) Underestimating Headlines

Your headline is the ultimate magnet for your web traffic.

The perfect headline takes time to find. BUT it drives up to 1000 times more traffic – with the same content – according to Upworthy.

TIP: We love to check on BuzzSumo how key-phrases are trending on social media.

Now you can avoid
the most common SEO mistakes!