12 Quick Tips To Make Emotionally Moving Content

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To make emotionally moving content, your writing must be like marketing – never designed for ALL – but always for a chosen group. 

Choose your target

1 – Ask yourself – what is my message worth, if only “insiders” really get the point?


2 – Your task is to find that chosen group – get to know it – and communicate specifically with them.

target group make emotionally moving content

Know your audience

3 – To know their dreams, urges, fears and goals is key. We all think we do, maybe because we believe they are like us or me.

But you are not trying to convince yourself – do you?

4 – Make a profile of one – and dive into that person – identify with her as an excellent actor would.

Know thyself - to get emotionally moving content

5 – Be aware of your own preconceptions, like “my message is obvious”, “my team understands me,” or “my clients need my service or product,”. It is a trap. 

Let your audience become alive

6 – Even if it’s only on the paper – get into the nitty-gritty details of a typical client.

Would you be able to impersonate that typical client of yours?

make emotionally moving content Marketing

Make the crucial reality check

7 – To get it right, you need to do a reality check of your message.

8 – Find actual people who DON’T know…

  • Ideally some potentially archetypal clients
  • People with no kind of obligation to you
  • People with absolute no knowledge of the subject

Don't miss out on this crucial step? 

9 – Do not expect they will understand – just because you and your team does.

Adapt what needs to be adapted

10 – Be willing to make the changes so “outsiders” can grasp your intention, your goal, your vision.

11 – Be aware – these “outsiders” are likely to be your clients.

12 – If you can not get your message across simply – you haven’t penetrated it fully.

Bottom line: 

When you think something is clear – it’s probably only clear to yourself and maybe a few insiders. Actually, to make emotionally moving content – you need to think outside your own box.