11 Crucial Lessons To Learn From YouTube

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There are many lessons to learn from YouTube. It’s wildly popular among young people, and the second largest search engine in the world. 

How can your website and web-content stand up against it? 

Comparison and lessons to learn from YouTube

Learning from other platforms like YouTube.

What we can learn from YouTube.

Highlights on this page

The cool part of YouTube

1. Homegrown & genuine

How YouTube does it:
It’s homegrown, easy going and spontaneous.

To think about:
If your only response to this is to put professional videos online – you didn’t get it.

Why not integrate easy going stuff on your website, too?

What about informal landing pages?

2. It's exciting and upbeat

How YouTube does it:
It’s fast-paced and upbeat.

To think about:
Alternate the rhythm and style on your website. But also make your content easy to access.

3. It's infotainment reinvented

How YouTube does it:
YouTube is a wonderful place to get entertained and maybe smarter.

It’s infotainment, and it reinvents itself again and again.

To think about:
Your website can combine all that and add well presented facts.

What we see most are content overloaded or over-designed websites. Many premium websites are going towards relaxed, entertaining and user friendly. 

Which category are you in?

4. It's about sharing

How YouTube does it:
YouTube is about gathering followers, feeding and interacting with them regularly.

To think about:
Are you actively building up an Email list and serving it weekly?

Do you actively run a blog?

Are your blog posts valuable for your readers?

Do you interact with blog readers?

5. It's easy to find related content

How YouTube does it:
I get further suggestions of related content while I’m watching.

To think about:
Make your content convenient, interlinked, and with intuitive search functions.

6. Practical opt-in function

How YouTube does it:
I can easily see where I’m opted in.

To think about:
This one may be hard to match. Except a well functioning “unsubscribe”.

7. It's interactive

How YouTube does it:
When doing a video training. It’s very informal to get in touch via the comments section.

The interaction is important for Google Analytics.

To think about:
There is nothing stopping us from offering free video content on our web-site.

However, interaction and feedback are often neglected or done wrong from an Analytics standpoint.

8. Informal interaction

How YouTube does it:
Get direct feedback and exchange from the SEO-Guru Neil Patel. On YouTube it is possible.

To think about:
Tie in social media into your website – and engage with your readers. Share more know-how directly with your readers.

That’s what social media is about.

Critical drawbacks

9. It's spamed with click bates

How YouTube does it:
They say you can earn a fortune just with clicks on YouTube. This attracts luck-seekers, leading to a hype with click bates and empty promises.

To think about:
This is where you can score high. Get proper landing pages. Present your information well to each target group.

10. It's not as organic as it seems

How YouTube does it:
If a YouTube video is not promoted, it can hardly be found. Organic traffic does not really exist.

To think about:
It’s still possible to get a premium position in the search results, based on the quality of your content.

Are you using that potential?

11. It's not quality oriented

How YouTube does it:
YouTube is about popularity. Besides, paid listings, personal search preferences and maximum entertainment – make it hard to find quality content. This might be the reason many companies do not allow employees to use YouTube at work.

To think about:
Google will detect your quality content sooner and score it higher. Make sure your content deserves that.

Excellent web-content is an investment in your own future.


Don’t believe that YouTube is indispensable.

You may need to make your website more attractive and interactive anyway. The new Google Analytics Guidelines issued in May 2020 are pointing out that USER FRIENDLINESS will become more important from 2021. Follow that hint.


  1. Make your website user friendlier.
  2. Create attention on your website to get interaction.
  3. Upgrade and renew your content.
  4. Make your site entertaining and a bit more “chilled”.
  5. Simplify your content.

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