101 Outstanding Emotional Keywords For Headlines

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These outstanding emotional keywords for headlines will open fresh perspectives for you. They make up outstanding headlines. Only 20% of an average headline is of emotional relevance. You can easily double that by using proven emotional keywords.

This post is featuring 101 emotional keywords, and deals with the following two questions:

  1. Are there proven emotional keywords?
  2. Are emotional headlines acceptable in business?
Let’s find out.
Emotions in business

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What is an emotional keyword?

Our definition is:

“An emotional keyword
is a word with the power
to trigger an emotional response within.”

We need 8 criteria for a word to generate a positive response:

  1. We associate the word with something positive.
  2. It is commonly known.
  3. It is not easily mixed up with a lesser word.
  4. The word is mostly rather short.
  5. It is easy to pronounce.
  6. The word has a positive history.
  7. It has not been misused.
  8. The word has not been overused in recent years. 

How can you know a keyword is emotional?

There are many ways to analyze keywords. Among these are:

  1. Interviews of target groups.
  2. Computer-based tests, like A/B testing.
  3. Screening of bigger groups.
  4. Tests under hypnosis with single individuals.
  5. Self inquiry in deeper states of meditation.

All methods have their pros and cons. Testing bigger groups definitely seems statistically more valid. But, do we then really know if a reaction was emotional? Mostly we can only draw conclusions from a certain outcome.


Tests don’t allow us to see what happens in the black box. So “proven” in this context means – an educated conclusion based on input and output. However, you can find out for yourself, if you take A/B Testing into your own hands.

A/B Testing allows us to try the effect of different headline variations. Check the links on A/B Testing.

101 words with a positive emotional effect

We researched thousands of words for you. Finally, we came up with 101 words that have the power to trigger an emotional response within. For convenience, we divided these emotional trigger words in 6 categories:

  1. Words related to a desired quality.
  2. Our need for safety & survival.
  3. Our social need.
  4. The need for status.
  5. Our dreams & yearnings.
  6. Emotionally worn-out words.

Emotional keywords for headlines are powerful or ever so tender, but it’s there. Have a read – and see if you can feel the response within. 

Can you feel the power?

Emotional words expressing a desired quality

Almighty | Awesome | Beautiful | Clean | Confidence | Confident | Cute | Emotional | Eternal | Feeling | Genuine | Happy | Healthy | Honest | Lazy | Lovely | Modern | Modest | Needs | Polished | Preserve | Pretty | Quality | Respect | Rock | Seasoned | Smooth | Solid | Speechless | Sunny | Sweet | Tasty | Virtue | Yummy

Triggering proven emotional keywords in Headlines for best organic traffic

Emotional words reflecting safety & survival

proven - certificate

Complete | Concept | Details | Easy | Everything | Factual | Free | Guaranteed | Included | Proven | Ready | Real | Research | Safety | Scrutiny | Study | Support | Tool | Totally | Truth | Union | Value | Yielding | Food

Emotional words addressing our social needs

Me | My | Mine | Partner | Us | We | You | Your

TIP: The word “we” can easily be misused. This often happens when a company tells about what “we” are doing. However, that “we” does NOT include the reader.

Socially emotional

Emotional words reflecting our need for status

Status keywords

Capacity | Chic | Classy | Cool | Dandy | Efficacy | Exceeding | Exclusive | Execution | Knowledge | Modern | Posh | Premium | Prominent | Race | Rare | Reputed | Respected | Smart | Strategy | Superior | Top | Trendy

TIP: Some words like “dandy” or “posh” may only be used regionally. While the words have a positive connotation in England, they may as well give negative associations in the US.

Emotional words expressing our needs & dreams

Always | Deal | Dream | Every | Huge | Immediate | Meet | New | Obsolete | Obvious | Present | Release | Relief | Reward | Secret | Today | Key

Pretty proven emotional keywords

Emotionally worn-out words

proven emotional keywords happy

Some words are powerful – but too commonly used. We have misused others. You may not agree, but please check them out.

Because | Never |  Amazing | Fast | Now | Discover | Save | Safe | Love | Instant | Power | Powerful | Best | Great | More | Most | Yes | Enjoy | Wish | Nature | Natural | Bright | Ever | Valuable | All | Time | Hidden | Facts | Original

NOTE: Can you relate to the fact that certain emotional keywords for headlines are overused or misused?

Emotional headlines based on this list

Emotional Keywords
Are Food For The Soul

This Emotional Keyword Strategy -
Will Rock Your Business

Emotional Keywords -
The Superior Strategy Tool

Emotions Aren't Cute -
But Posh When used As Keywords!

Are emotional headlines acceptable in business?

This was one of our initial questions. What is your verdict?

We believe emotional headlines are a must have. They are indispensable in business, but it pays off to avoid overused keywords. Let them be the food for the soul!

Did you get some new inspiration?


Emotional headlines are powerful. To craft one – start out with our proven emotional keywords. Make 3 final headlines and then do your A/B Testing.

TAKE AWAY: You can either keep on guessing headlines or do A/B Testing. It’s all in your hands now.


Nelio AB Testing – for WordPress.

Unbounce – excellent yet expensive.

VWO – easy and inexpensive.

Five-Second-Test – very easy.

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