8 Steps To Perfect Conversion Online

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Content makes people share, enroll, act and buy. These days content reflects the quality of a business online. We dream of perfect conversion and would all like to believe everybody reads our content, but browsers are merciless.


If your content doesn’t resonate with people, it will not lead to action. Your readers want accurate information and a bit of entertainment.


The 3 drivers to get to perfect conversion:

People sharing content


8 essential steps to action:

Being moved
Taking action

When your readers
start sharing your content
- you're almost there!

The difference between average
and perfect conversion is +580%

With average content
Noticing the headline
Ordinary headline 63%
Clicking on the headline
Ordinary headline 34%
Reading the content - or parts of it
Taking desired action (0.5%)
With valuable content
Noticing the headline
Captivating headline 95%
Clicking on the headline
Captivating headline 80%
Reading the content - or parts of it
Valuable content 39%
Taking desired action (2.9%)

(SOURCE: Study by Aberdeen Group)

What is a conversion rate?

The conversion rate compares the total number of visitors on a website, to the number that takes action, (subscribe, enroll or buy).

1. Noticing your headline

Does your headline stand out?

Your headline is by far the most important piece you will ever write.

It doesn’t stand out – RETHINK IT!
If it doesn’t intrigue – REDO IT!
When it doesn’t attract – REDESIGN IT!

You need to get the headline right. If a headline doesn’t ring a bell – why bother reading the rest?

The trick is to do the headline in the very, very end.

2. Clicking on the link to get to your article

Is your headline intriguing enough to make me click on it?

Most readers never get beyond your headline. That means they never get to see your content. They miss out on your offer and all your hard work is for nothing. Maybe because you didn’t give your headline the care it deserves.

3. Skim reading your content

Would I grasp your message by skim reading it?

This will help your stressed readers

Make It Easy To Scan:
Make it easy to scan the key points. Use frequent sub-headers. Let the readers decide if they want to go into the details.

Place The Main Content Early On:
Deliver value right away. If the reader wants details, she will read the rest.

4. Reading a greater part of your text

Does your introduction make me want to know more?

Start an interesting narrative right from the beginning.

Here is an example from Wallstreet Journal.

HEADLINE: “These Moms Got on TikTok to Understand Their Kids. Then….They Stayed. “

INTRODUCTION: “A thriving community of single moms is using teen video app TikTok to celebrate their divorces, grieve their losses and even discipline their kids.”

(Olivia Craighead)

5. Understanding your content

Is your content easy to understand?

Talented authors write simple.

Studies have shown that authors using advanced vocabulary often come across as less intelligent. Besides, it is an entry barrier for your readers.

  1. Make it easy to understand by writing short sentences.
  2. Make is easy to grasp by following a simple the logic.
  3. Avoid buzzwords and too many technichal terms.

6. Being moved by your content

Does your writing move me?

To survive online, you need to get to the heart and soul of your readers. Here are 8 tips on the go:

  1. Give your writing character
  2. Choose an interesting angle to your story
  3. Make it vivid with metaphors
  4. Relate to a common emotion or problem
  5. Add a story to relate to
  6. Give some words a twist
  7. Spice it up with a bit of humor or irony
  8. Go into the details on selected issues

7. Sharing your content online

Is your content useful or intriguing enough for readers to share online?

Cool, moving or useful content gets shared frequently. Sharing is a very important indicator. 

Did you know that the most shared posts on Facebook according to BuzzSumo contained the following words in the headline:

… will make you …
This is why…

A business website will have another dynamic. Nevertheless, we love to share content – if it’s cool – if it moves us – or if it’s useful

These are the main 3 drivers to get to perfect conversion:


8. Taking action (subscribe, enroll, buy)

Does your content naturally lead the reader to take action?

Any successful website with a good call to action uses a structure.

“The Messaging Hierarchy” will give your content clarity and reassurance.
These are the key points in short:

  1. What do you do?
  2. Why should I care (what’s in it for me)?
  3. Do others like me care
  4. Convince me – why this matters
  5. If I believe you, how will this improve my life?
  6. I’d like to believe – but is it safe?
  7. OK, I believe you – now what?

Read this to get to perfect conversion: The Secret Strategy For Writing A Better Call To Action

Conclusion on how to get to perfect conversion

Your job is to help readers manage the information overflow online!

QUALITY invites readers to stay.

STRUCTURE helps them find their way.

REASSURANCE leads them to action.

DESIGN is nice – but mostly overrated.