Get Organic

Headlines With Goosebumps Included?


Emotions in business

Captivating Headlines

Catchy Slogans

Engaging Call-To-Action

Valuable Web-Content

Content is all you got online

...and readers are merciless!

Readers browse through your website, because your headline caught their attention. 
If your content is not valuable enough – they’re gone again. Browsers online are merciless.
But all they ask for is accurate information and a bit of entertainment.

Infotainment for the people

Design & SEO alone will not do!

Design a content strategy | Create new content | Clean up your content | Share some insider tips | Write an engaging newsletter | Treat your readers | Make your content more readable | Get an efficient call-to-action

Valuable content is an investment in your company’s future. 

generate more organic traffic next action

From Browsers...

Average reality online

Noticing the headline
Ordinary headline 63%
Clicking on the headline
Ordinary headline 34%
Reading the content - or parts of it
Taking desired action (Study by Aberdeen Group)

...To Buyers

With valuable content

Noticing the headline
Captivating headline 95%
Clicking on the headline
Captivating headline 80%
Reading the content - or parts of it
Valuable content 39%
Taking desired action (Study by Aberdeen Group)

What's in it for you?

2.9% instead of 0.5% conversion rate

Content marketing drives almost 6x higher conversion, (Aberdeen Group).


How Much Does It Take To Get Results

generate more organic traffic is a never ending story

Good web-content is a never ending story

There are no limits to how much effort you could put into it.
However, Pareto's law suggests that 20% of the efforts deliver 80% of the result.

Organic Traffic results from valuable web-content and good SEO.

We Need To Talk About Organic

What is organic web-traffic?

Organic traffic is visitors coming to you through keyword searches.

Valuable web-content

Why doesn't everybody have it?

We see 10 key reasons for this. Poor SEO and unattractive content make up a major part.

Online Marketing keywords

Which other types of traffic are there?

1) Direct Traffic comes to you by typing your website name.
2) Paid Traffic is from Google AdWords, Facebook and other paid channels.
3) Referral Traffic (backlinks) is when other people link your website from their blog post, etc. This means you created of value to them.
4) Social Media Traffic is the free traffic from Facebook, YouTube and other social media channels.
5) Bot Traffic gathers information automatically, (often negative).

How do I get it?

First get your keywords, content, and SEO title right. Coordinate them with permalink, meta tags, titles, page structure and descriptions. This is basically SEO (search engine optimization).

What does it cost?

As soon as you get your SEO right, your major costs will only come from creating valuable content.

What Are Your Online Alternatives ?

"I have plenty of Social Media Traffic"

Think about this...

Organic traffic converts 10 times better than social media traffic. (

"My Paid Traffic is cheaper than content creation"

Think about this...

Over 75% prefer organic results, ignoring paid ads.

"I don't have time to create new content"

Think about this...

Just updating old blog posts can double your organic traffic.

70% of companies
believe they should
do more
content marketing.

Aberdeen Group

90% of clients
find custom


90% of


"My paid search works just fine."

Think about this...

Paid traffic stops immediately when stopping the ad.
However, organic search continues as long as you score high with your keywords.

Get started with testing your Content & SEO

Here we are sharing our secret tools - to get you started

Pingdom Speedtest

Website Speed Test to help you analyze your load speed.
Your score better be over 70.

Headline Test

Helps you to create headlines that drive more traffic.
Your score should be over 70.

Visibility & Backlinks

IONOS delivers a multitude of data for your website. A MUST!!!


Very useful add-in for several browsers. It checks the grammar and finds spelling mistakes.

Readability Site Test

This tool checks the readability for your entire website at once. The higher your score, the easier your web-content is to read.
You need to be over 60 here!

Image Size Test

Tells you how much SPACE you can save by compressing your images.
They also have an excellent compression tool.

Site Kit for WordPress

Google kit with the best Google tools combined. All the relevant stats directly on your WordPress dashboard.

SpyFu Keyword Test

Check your domains organic ranks over the last years.
Are you listed?


Checks if your content can also be found elsewhere.

Web Host Speed Test

How fast is your web host?
Just in case you have doubts...

Scribens Grammar

In case you don't want to install anything. Scribens checks the grammar and finds spelling mistakes online.