Using Landing Pages To Boost Your Organic Traffic

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The whole idea about using landing pages is to get action or to attract.
These are the two types of landing pages:

  1. Focus on action – to lead the reader to a certain action.
  2. Focus on attraction – to get more of a specific reader group on your page.

This post is concentrating on the attracting part of landing pages.

It’s explaining the STRATEGY BEHIND them.

Their goal is to boost your overall traffic, but how?

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using landing pages wisely

Highlights on this page

How many landing pages do you need?

Every product of yours should have its own landing page. This will help to get the best focus on each product. That means that keywords and SEO is tailored for one item only.

Keep the reader on that page!

Me and most readers stay 10 seconds on a normal webpage. The easiest way to lose me is by an external link. Even your internal links will distract me from taking action.

TIP 1: Avoid external links on your landing page.

TIP 2: Use internal links sparingly if you really want me to stay and take action.

Guide the reader in clear steps

A vague invitation in the footer – like “get in touch for more information” will not do. You need some stronger medicine.

The Messaging Hierarchy is an amazing strategy to get the perfect call-to-action. It also has the potential to convert me from a browser to a buyer.

The Messaging Hierarchy by Joanna Wiebe II

Understand the strategy behind it

These are the 7 steps of the Messaging Hierarchy in short:

1. Tell me about your product - be direct

Get straight to the point. Keep is short and don’t repeat yourself.  

Save the bla-bla like, “we are happy to announce…”. Describe the service out of my (the clients) view.

2. Make clear - what's in it for the me

Things like “our cutting-edge screens have the highest resolution on the market,” or “this service meets our highest standards,” are boring me.

If it tempts you to write something like this – you need to reconsider benefits over features. I don’t really care what is good in your eyes.

3. Show me - that others care about this too

Some call it references or testimonials. Show me what you have.

4. Convince me - why this matters to me

This is where your deeper knowledge about me and the rest of the target group comes in handy.

A green keeper will have other sorrows and pains he’d like to solve with your product than I have as a homeowner.

5. Demonstrate how this will change my life

Based on our sorrows and pains, your “promise” might sound quite different for me as a homeowner, and a green keeper.

6. Prove to me - that this is safe for me

If there is only the slightest doubt in my mind as a reader, you have lost. This is the time to clarify all uncertainties.

7. Invite me - to take the next step

What is the step you wish me to take? Do all the previous 6 steps lead me up to a grand finale?

As you may understand by now, the invitation – “Don’t hesitate to contact us for an offer” – will NOT get me hooked.

Keep an eye on the details

Here are a few tips to get the details right when using landing pages.

Headline in harmony with the call-to-action

First, 80% of the readers never get beyond your headline. Take this as a reminder to look into your headlines.  Your chosen keywords have to run through the page like a golden thread.

Make sure the headline and sub-headers alone tell your story.

Clear value of your offer

This is mostly the monetary value of what I save, when signing up now.

Minimize the information you ask for

The less you ask for, the more likely I will sign up. There is rarely a point in asking for more than my email address, when signing up for a newsletter. 

The actual text on the button

Avoid button texts like “Submit” or “Send”. A much better choice would be something active.
Use “Get your …” or Sign up for a free …”.


Using landing pages is indispensable, if you want to get organic traffic. Start with a template and make sure you understand the strategy behind a landing page. Study the Messaging Hierarchy carefully.before your get to work.

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