Simplify Your Web-Content And Generate More Traffic

The harder your web-content is to understand, the less interaction there is. The easy math is – simplify your web-content and get more traffic. 

Simplify your web-content and get more traffic !

Simplify web-content for more traffic

Simplicity is easy to measure.

Why Simplicity Matters

To write as simple as possible is an excellent way to prove yourself as a talented writer.

Writing is all about making your work available and enjoyable. You probably want to reach as many readers as possible. To be precise, a maximum of your target group. To to this, you must not only adapt your language, but above all simplify your writing. The better the readability, the more people you reach. 

You might have to re-evaluate these things:
• Too much specialized, industry-specific terms.
• Lengthy sentences. 
• Too advanced vocabulary.

At first you may come across smart, when using an advanced vocabulary. But normally it is an entry barrier for your readers.

The 3 dimensions of simplicity online !

  1. Easy to understand
  2. Easy to find on the page
  3. …and easy to follow the logic

1) Easy to understand

A test based on studies by the lawyer and author Rudolph Flesch. It measures readability based on length of words and sentences. The higher your score, the easier your web-content is to read. 

Flesch is used by countless corporations and government agencies. To be easy, your content must score 50 or higher in the test.

Use short words and short sentences, up to 14 words. It will make your web-content much easier to understand.

Simple Test to Help You Simplify

By using the Flesh Test we increased our own score from 54 to 76 within 3 weeks!

Longer Sentences Reduce Understanding

Is Your Web-Content Too Complicated?

Surprisingly, the Wall Street Journal, continuously reaches scores over 50.

Flesh Test Tool – works for most languages.

2) Easy to find on the page

Help your stressed readers

Make it easy to scan the main points. Use frequent subheaders. Let the readers decide if they want to go into the details.

Therefore, place the main content in the very beginning.

Place the same type of information in uniform fields or forms.

Don’t make your readers click around to much to follow the content.

Within 5 seconds, any reader must be able to understand, what your page is about.

3) Easy to follow the logic

The Perfect Websites Follow a Certain Logic

This logic is like a path guiding the reader to action.

The 7 simple steps as defined by Joanna Wiebe are:

  1. What do you do?
  2. Why should I care (what’s in it for me)?
  3. Do others like me care?
  4. Convince me – why this matters
  5. If I believe you, how will this improve my life?
  6. I’d like to believe – but is it safe?
  7. OK, I believe you – now what?

Following this logic gives a very clear structure. This will dramatically increase your readers engagement. And, this structure actually helps you to simplify your web-content to achieve more traffic.

Read more about it in: “The Secret Weapon of Copywriting For a Better Call to Action”

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Botton Line:

It’s easy to simplify your web-content. Your readers will thank you for your effort with more engagement and traffic. 

Simplify now for more traffic!

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