The Ultimate Guide To Headlines For Best Organic Traffic

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If a headline doesn’t ring a bell – why bother reading the rest? Why!?! Ultimately, this means that all your hard work might be for nothing. This extensive guide helps you to create your own unique headlines for best organic traffic. 

Most readers never get beyond your headline. Maybe because you didn’t give your headline the tender care it deserves.

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That Will Change Your Headlines Forever

TIP: Start with a working title and save the actual work on your headline until you finished your writing. 

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10 Crucial Facts About Headlines

  1. 80% of the readers never get beyond your headline. 
  2. The perfect headline drives up to 1000 times more traffic, with the same content. (Source Upworthy)
  3. Readers prefer facts over superlatives.
  4. The most shared among 100 million Facebook headlines contained “will make you” or “this is why”. (Source BuzzSumo)
  5. The most engaging numbers in headlines are 10, 5 and 15 – using a 10 results in almost 3 times higher engagement than 12. (Source BuzzSumo)
  6. Readers engage more with clear headlines (Source Conductor)
  7. Professionals spend as much time on the headline as for the content itself.
  8. Posts with 12 to 18 words in the headline received the highest engagement on Facebook. (Source BuzzSumo)
  9. Readers prefer understatements with a modest use of superlatives. (Source Conductor)
  10. Emotional headlines get most engagement. (Source OkDork)

Initiating the Best Organic Traffic

What do you want to achieve with your headline?

The key areas to think about at this stage are:

  • Your intention.
  • The target group.
  • Their deeper needs.
  • The emotions you want your readers to feel.

"All your hard work
cannot compensate a poor target"

What Is A Well Defined Target?

Intention to create headlines for best organic traffic

The intention gives it all clarity

A target makes it specialized

Deeper Needs - Headlines for best organic traffic

The needs make it personal

Emotions you want your readers to feel

ENJOYMENT | amusement | relief | happiness | love | joy | contentment | pride | peace | satisfaction | excitement | compassion | SADNESS | lonely | unhappy | heartbroken | gloomy | troubled | resigned | hopeless | disappointed | lost | miserable | FEAR | worried | doubtful | nervous | anxious | stressed | ANGER | annoyed | frustrated |  irritated | vengeful | infuriated | mad | DISGUST | dislike | uncomfortable | horrified | disturbed | disapproving | offended | aversion

Emotions for Headlines

General Recommendations For Headlines

  • Define your headline in the very end.
  • Address the reader and use YOU.
  • Write in a language your reader would also use.
  • The better you know your target group – the better the result. 
  • A headline length of 6 – 12 words is often better.
  • Avoid jokes / irony / metaphors / empty promises.
  • Rethink – technical terms / empty buzzwords.

Start creating headlines
for best organic traffic

The 13 Most Efficient Headline Styles

Headline Styles for best organic traffic

The easy headlines for best organic traffic

This section starts out with the straightforward styles in order to create headlines for best organic traffic. 

How To...

How to... for Headlines

How to save a boring date. | How to prepare for the next epidemic. | How to avoid fake news. | How to get fit in 4 weeks. | How to lose weight without fitness. | How to build your own garage in 1 week. | How to start a profitable business after corona. | How to attract your dream job.

# Of The Best...

8 of the longest sentences in modern literature. | 10 of the biggest game changers in copywriting. | 12 of the best steakhouses with vegan alternatives. | 15 of the most expensive lawyers in the world .

The best ... in Headlines

# Things ... Says about you

# things ... reveal about you

10 things owning a VW Beetle says about you. | 12 things your education says about you. | 8 things your home says about you. | 17 things your smartphone reveals about you. | 7 things your Volvo says about you.

The # Best...

The # Best Tools for Programming Your Website. | The # Coolest Vacations on a Tight Budget. | The # Best Diets That Don’t Starve You. | The # Fastest Ways to Make an Extra Buck. | The # Best Payed Jobs Before University.

The # hardest ...

X vs Y:

X vs Y in Headlines

Android vs iPhone: Which is more intuitive? | Apple vs Samsung: Which lasts longer? | Gold vs Stocks: Which is the best investment? | Diet or Fitness: Which gives the quickest results?

The intermediate level in making headlines for best organic traffic

This section is helpful if you are willing to put in some extra work in creating headlines for best organic traffic. 

Altered Quotes

 “I blog, therefore, I am.” | “WordPress is what you know. The rest is what you don’t know.” | “The price of greatness is Trump.” | “History will be kind to me for I intend to BLOG it.” | “Where there is love there is fake news.” | “If Spotify be the food of love, play on.” | “Lord, what fools these tax payers be.” | “People change and forget to Twitter about it.” | “Fake news come, but wisdom lingers.” 

Altered quotes


Provocative Headlines

“The truth is rarely pure and never on Twitter.” | “There is no sin except Facebook.” | “Americans tend to vote for special presidents.” | “Brits are thinking to win back lost wealth by delaying.” | “The EU says NO to BREXIT delay – but Merkel says YES, YES, YES.”


WHY-questions | If the answer is not obvious. | If the answer is positive. | If they don’t evoke fear. | If they don’t blame indirectly. | …and if answered within the headline. | To evoke curiosity. | They might provoke.

Questions for headlines


now | best | great | change | always | real | ready | truth | action | really | strong | pleasure | beautiful | leading | knowledge | know-how | worth | natural | save | increase | win | opportunity | special | simple | energy | perfect | modern | fresh | value | powerful | safe | get | because

Power words for headlines

The professional level of making headlines for best organic traffic

This section is helpful if you really want to create headlines for best organic traffic. This level often means blood, sweat and tears.


Teasers in Headlines for best organic traffic

5 minutes NOW will save you $1000 next year. |  Saving €100 per month now – will pay for your new house. | Simple trick could save you £2000 in taxes. | Instant savings for farmers! | Instant help for sleepless home owners! | The secret Indonesian remedy for headache!

Emotional Words

Emotional Words for Headlines

The secret about … | Proven insider tips on … | A free beginner’s guide to … | The instant solution for … | The truth about … | What I learned from … | The instant solution for … | What I wish I knew about … | The easy way to instant …

TIP: Emotional keywords are food for the soul. They result in outstanding headlines. Here you find a list of 101 proven emotional keywords for headlines.


Amazing offer for home owners soon ended by government. | Wise car owners better make a move before new year. | Your new smartphone might only cost half this month. | Students enrolling before March will save a lot of pain.

Urgency leads to action

Triggering Emotions

Triggering proven emotional keywords in Headlines for best organic traffic

This can be done by initializing an interesting narrative – starting from the headline.

“These Moms Got on TikTok to Understand Their Kids. Then….They Stayed. ”

(Olivia Craighead – WallStreet Journal)

This is a very extensive subject and will be dealt with in a separate post.

The Most Shared Headlines on Social Media

The following headlines performed dramatically better in terms of shares and clicks:

... will make you ...

... will make you ...

Most shared on Facebook in 2017
source: BuzzSumo

5 Cities That Will Make You Fall In Love Again
What This Doctor Did Will Make You Cry Out Of Joy
10 Disturbing Facts That Will Make You a Better Person

This is why ...

This is why ...

Second most shared on Facebook in 2017
source: BuzzSumo

This Is Why Finding Your Soulmate Is So Tricky
This Is Why Women Prefer iPhones
This Is Why Meditation Will Make You Live Longer

Top headlines on Twitter

Your content generates traffic if it: well communicated
Connects with the reader
Evokes her desires
Puts benefits over features clear and concise
Leads to action
Creates value

Emotional Headlines on Facebook

Emotional phrases with high interaction (Facebook)

...tears of joy
...make you cry...
...give you goosebumps too cute...
...shocked to see...
...melt your heart
...can’t stop laughing

source: BuzzSumo

Get More Fresh Ideas Online

  • reddit – Check out the highest-ranked headlines.
  • YouTube – See what’s trending.
  • YouTube – Learn about a target group (language / comments).
  • Upworthy – Check trending headlines.
  • BuzzFeedNews – More hot headlines.

Time to Fine Tune your Headlines
for best organic traffic

Online Tools that Will Polish Your Headline

  • BuzzSumo – MUST TRY – how a particular WORD is TRENDING.
  • isitWP – MUST TRY – free Headline Analyzer.
  • aminstitute – Check the EMOTIONAL value of your headline.
  • CoShedule – Free Headline Analyzer.

The No-Go Zone of Headlines

  • Not living up to your promise.
  • Accusing people.
  • Firing up fear.
  • Asking questions that result in a NO.
  • Questions with obvious answers.
  • Too many headlines of the same type.
  • Click bates (big promise and nothing behind it).
  • Using I or WE rather than YOU.
  • Overemphasizing (too many superlatives).
  • Headlines shorter than 6 words are hard score on SEO.

How to Filter Out Your Unique Headline

  1. Make 5 to 10 variations of your headline in plain text, without formatting.
  2. Which one stands out/hits you?
  3. Does it grasp the content of the article without giving it all away?
  4. Is it easy to read?
  5. Would others pick the same – why not?
  6. Read it out loud and feel it.
  7. Which cord does it strike within?
  8. Imagine your worst enemy had written this headline. Would it still be your chosen one?

Fine Tuning Your Headline Online

After choosing one – you still don’t know which headline will 
generate the best organic traffic. But you can find out!

This is called A/B testing and allows you to try different combinations for their efficiency.


Many users report that they finally started learning the ins and outs of  headlines, after they started using A/B testing.

Don’t miss that opportunity.

Good luck with creating new headlines
for best organic traffic